A Good Day

It was a good day today.  A very good day.

My almost 5 year old daughter met my mother for the first time last Saturday.  Today, she visited her house and met my step-father.  She behaved well, even though she was up since 6 am, and my parents and my husband and daughter enjoyed each other’s company.  After being “alone” for five years raising our daughter, it feels good to have another person help us on this journey.  Now, we can be like most other “normal” families.

Today my business partner and I attended a meetup where we pitched our startup almost non-stop from 10-4.  We had a 5 minute break here and there, during which I ventured to the other tables or connected with my partner.  We had a 15 minute lunch during which we… pitched our company.  By the end of it, we felt drunk, even though all we drank was coffee.  Our heads spinned and we felt like we were in slow motion.  But we felt good from the responses we received, which were overwhelmingly positive.  We got several people that were interested in being a part of our project.  We gained 11 people on our mailing list, even though we started it in the afternoon.  I felt confident in my presentations, and I felt a certain pride in my contributions (making our table more visually appealing, pitching side by side and handing the reigns back and forth, networking with other tables, coordinating with my partner when I was needed elsewhere).  I felt my partner and I worked well together.

With my mother re-entering my life, my career moving in the right direction, and my husband and daughter being happy and having a good day, I felt that today, for the first time in years, my life is moving toward becoming more whole.

Even more good news, yesterday I invited my in-laws to my daughter’s birthday party in August.  I didn’t leave it to my husband.  I did it.  I personally sent out an email invitation.  And it was a nice one.  That is a big step for me, given the resentments I harbored over the years.  (I wrote about my struggles here and here.)  It’s not that I forgive, as if nothing ever happened.  It’s just that it’s not as important to me any more.  Some people are this way, and some people are that way, and it’s all okay.  That’s how drunk with happiness I feel right now.  (No alcohol involved.)

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